About The Homesteading Hobbit

20171220_100415.jpg       Bridget was born and raised in a very loving Roman Catholic household.  Always the inquisitor, Bridget always wanted to delve into deep thoughts and philosophies that make the world go round.  Although her young life had its ups and downs, Bridget has always maintained a happy, bubbly attitude for living, and tries, even to this day, to see the positive in everything.

Over a decade ago, Bridget fell into the darkness that is New Age and Paganism. She not only became a practitioner in many forms of divination, she also because a leader for other like-minded people in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  Truly thinking this was where her life was meant to be, a drastic turn took place on November 19, 2016 where she encountered a vision of Jesus Christ, thus altering the course of her entire reality.

Presently, Bridget has created a deeply personal and devout relationship to her Savior.  Bridget has changed in the way she not only presents herself physically to the outside world, but internally has found profound revelation, security and newfound happiness in where she is headed spiritually.  Bridget  is learning about leading a Biblical life, understanding and learning how to follow all scriptures, including the Torah.  Reading the King James Bible every day, she has become a mentor to many women around the country who currently struggle to find the salvation in Christ Jesus.  She does her best to head cover every day, dress modestly, minimal makeup, and behave as a true Bride of Christ Jesus.  A way of life completely different and upside down from the life she lived in the past decade.

Bridget is very active on social media; you can find her on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.  She is also a Moderator on Facebook for Philia Ministries, as well as a contributing member of Trinity Lighthouse Evangelical Congregational Church in Limerick, PA along with her son, Tim.  She volunteers her time working with children at her church as a teacher for Junior Bible Study, Homeschooling, and MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers).

Bridget currently resides in Royersford with her husband Scott, her two sons Tim and Connor, & her personal companion/shadow, Linus VanPuggle (who also has an Instagram!).